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Grid Computing: On the Move

Grid computing is not a panacea. In technology there is no such thing. What grid computing is is a new way to approach software problems. Can’t kick your transactions through your current systems fast enough. Break-up the transactions into transaction blocks and process them in parallel. Do you have computations that take forever? Parallelize them. Not all applications need the power of a super computer, but some do. And those solutions need that power bad.

It’s very exciting that Sun Grid is up and running and available to the public. Like any new paradigm shift, grid computing needs its early adopters. The early adopters increase the knowledge-base, prove and test the technology, and teach those who follow. The Sun Grid has got the technology community talking. Even though the talk today has primarily been about the DoS attack (Slashdot: Sun Grid DoS’d) this is still great for grid computing. With Sun Grid opening its service up to the public, people are going to play with it. Also good for grid computing. Way to go Sun and a big “Thank You” from this grid proponent.



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