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Grid Computing: But What About MEEEE!

Today Greg Nawrocki posted ”6 vendors to watch in enterprise Grid in ‘06”. Over the next few days he promises to tell us why he likes those companies and I am really looking forward to the articles. One reason is to better understand which grid computing problems they address and another is to hopefully get a feel for how they address them.

At Digipede our grid solution is built entirely on .NET which means that we are targeting Windows boxes. The Digipede Network focuses on distributed computation and application scalability.

I like that the APIs in the Digipede Framework SDK (both .NET and COM) are simple and easy to use, and most important to me (as a developer) is the Digipede grid solution is an extension of my development experience in that I don’t have to learn a new programming model. That is just the programming interface. The Digipede Network also provides a GUI, Digipede Workbench, which allows a user to click her way through the creation of a job. We have found that many of the people who manage distribution via command-line scripts liked having the option of building jobs with a GUI. Not everyone wants to write code. Digipede Control, which allows an administrator to configure the Digipede Network, lives in browser so the administrator can change settings from what ever machine she is at. Convenient. And Digipede provides forums for users to interact with us, exchange ideas, and problem solve. We understand how important a community is to helping people have a positive and productive product experience.

And we just got a 4 Star review in Software Development magazine. You can read the article here for free, “That Parallel Beat” by Rick Wayne.

We’re not on Greg’s list, but if you live in a Windows world, you’ll want to watch out for us anyway.

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