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Grid Computing and Windows

When I first started working at Digipede I had really hadn’t given much thought to grid computing or parallel processing. I had done a great deal of multithreaded server development but because I’ve been living, for the most part, in a Microsoft world, grid computing just wasn’t on my radar. I mean, no one had a low-cost solution until Digipede came along. Last night I talked to Adam Cogan from SSW, about the Digipede Network, and how I think it would really help the SSW Code Audit customers. SSW Code Audit allows a development team to define their coding standards as rules for Code Audit. Code Audit runs through your code base applying the rules to each module. If you have thousands of files, with hundreds of thousand lines of code. This process could take awhile because the files are processed sequentially. If SSW Digipede-enabled the application, customers with a Digipede Network installed could significantly cut down on the processing time because the processing of the individual files would occur in parallel.

My job is to evangelize the Digipede Products and I realized last night that I also have to evangelize grid computing. My conversation with Adam was the first time I had talked to anyone about our products and it made me realize that I really have to get the grid message across, the Digipede message across, and to really understand which message is the most important at that time. I also realized that I need to practice telling our story because I think I did a really bad job. Sigh.



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