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…another door opening…

This is my third week at FonJax and things are moving right along. I'm out of marketing and back in development and while it was hard to leave Digipede there are many things I'm excited about at FonJax. And while I've spend a great deal of time learning the business and marketing side of the software startup sector, the plan was always to take what I learned back to engineering.

I really enjoyed my interviews with two of the founders: Niall Sweeny and Mark Moore. During my interview with Mark I mentioned that I had been sold as an asset at KaseWorks. That was the first time I have ever mentioned that in an interview and actually had someone understand. First there were the layoffs, then there was the Chapter 11, and then there was the "new" company with different leadership and a different agenda. When it was all done there were only five software engineers left standing. Being sold as an asset is a traumatic experience but it also reflects that the company thought my contributions were important enough to keep me through it all.

Feeling understood, valued, and respected is important to me and I get that feeling from the FonJax team. I'm looking forward to a long and fun ride.


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