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If I had a nickel...

...for every product idea I've ever had, I'd retire.

This was a fun read today, Alien-hunting software rats out laptop thief and provided yet another product idea. Lojack for your computers.

Unless a computer-savvy thief uninstalls nearly every piece of software before connecting to the Internet, he said, SETI@home would track the machine -- and the thief would likely never know it.

"I have some advice for thieves: Don't connect to the network," Anderson said.
With the recent news reports of stolen laptops containing lots-o-confidential data, it seems there is a market for a product that can get your stuff back.

After searching the Internet it seems that someone already thought of this, Lojack for Laptops. Here is a review Does LoJack For Laptops Work?

Now I'm wondering why stolen laptops with confidential information ARE SUCH A BIG DEAL! The technology and service is available so that IT departments should be investing money here and protecting their customer's data. This makes it seem criminal that companies are having trouble finding recently stolen computers.


While I'm on a product idea rant...

Where is the social networking site for retirees? This seems like a huge untapped target market with money. Why build the next MySpace or FaceBook for teenagers and young adults when you can tap an entire un-served market space? Let's think about our retirees...

1. Statistics show that people live longer if they stay busy after retirement.
2. Retirees need to create new connections to replace the work related ones they've lost.
3. The Baby Boomers are a very large, technically savvy group.
4. Many have money.

Most of my immediate family members are 30 to 40 years older than I am. That's just how things worked out. My Grandfather suffered from Macular degeneration. I watched his world get smaller and smaller. Where did he turn for mental stimulation and social contact? His computer. He spent hours on his computer every day. I jacked the fonts up as large I could make them and he would sit in front of the computer with a magnifying glass. To me this is a BIG opportunity indicator. The guy was in his 80s.

So many people think that only the kids are technically savvy, this is a mistake. My Grandfather's generation went through an incredible amount of technology changes. And I am confident that when folks have something to gain by learning about technology – they can not be stopped.

So, build a social network for retirees. Provide a framework for them to make it their own. They are a group that knows how to lead and they will be very vocal in telling you what you need to build.


At February 17, 2007 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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