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Out and About: December 2006, USA

Well, as usual we’re busy here. Even sandwiched in between holidays we have a lot going on.

December 4th
Dan and I’ll will be attending the first Global Network of Technology Evangelists (GNOTE) event. If you haven’t already registered, get to it. We aren’t presenting but some notables are and some large companies are contributing speakers. This event should prove interesting and educational.

December 6th
John and Nathan are going to be in NYC attending a Microsoft HPC event for the financial services market. Not only is John going to present some very cool ways to use the Digipede Network with the newest Microsoft products, one of our clients is also a featured speaker. So if you’re in the NYC area...don’t miss this one.

December 11th
I’ll be in Redmond, WA in the evening presenting to the .NET Developers Association my talk on Concurrent Software Development. Be sure to print this page so that you can get in. Make sure that you read the Security Checkpoint section so that you won’t have any problems.

I also have a late flight out on Tuesday so if you’re interested in setting up a meeting let me know. I’ll be happy to give demos on Tuesday featuring just the Digipede Network.

December 26th – 29th
Well, I’ll be home for Christmas and for me and my family that means Long Island. We’re staying for a week so if you are on Long Island and would like to setup up a meeting, send me an email. We’re staying in Southold so I really don’t want to go all the way into NYC, but I am willing to meet on the island.

Happy Holidays...



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