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Follow up: Inland Empire

There were things that we talked about during the presentation that I told the group I would put up a blog post about.

Here is a link to the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis (MOCA) project that we talked about.

To set a process to use a specific CPU you would use the System.Diagnostics.Process.ProcessorAffinity property.

To set a thread to use a specific CPU you would use the System.Diagnostics.ProcessThread.ProcessorAffinity property.

To find out how many processors are available on a machine use the Environment.ProcessorCount property.

To find links to SOA with grid computing articles just use your favorite search engine using the terms: SOA “grid computing”. You will get quite a few hits. Digipedians, Robert and Dan, wrote an article for Dr. Dobb's you can find here.

I can’t remember what other topics we left hanging. If you were there and remember then post here or send me an email.


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