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Out and About: October 18th, San Gabriel Valley, CA

Wow! I’ve been writing a ton of articles...unfortunately I’ve been so busy they haven’t made it to the blog. I’m off to Monrovia, CA tomorrow to talk to the San Gabriel Valley .NET User Group about concurrency.

When I had started talking to the Digipede folks about joining their team I hadn’t given a lot of thought to understanding what I love about software development. Over the last year I have found myself evaluating my career and thinking back on the products and projects I loved. From a technical perspective: I love the low level stuff, I love debugging, and I love concurrency. I also love to teach and coach so I’m finding that presenting on concurrency is a lot of fun. I also believe that helping people understand concurrency design issues and how threading works, and sharing hard-earned lessons improves the quality of products we deliver. My stepfather Gary always said, “Leave things better then you found them.” That is always my hope when I give one of these talks. That people have at least one take away from the talk that will help them be a better engineer.

So! I’ll be down south tomorrow. If you’re in the area join us. Make sure to register and bring $5 for the pizza.



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