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Out and About: November 14th, Inland Empire, CA

While things have been slow on my blog...they have not been slow in my life. I’m off next week to San Bernardino, CA to talk about concurrency, threads, and grid computing. If you missed my talk at the San Gabriel Valley .NET user group, here’s your chance to catch it with the Inland Empire .NET User’s Group. You should register so that the organizers can plan ahead.

This will be my first time to San Bernardino, although the county figured very largely in my life a few years ago. My youngest son is adopted out of the foster care system. But he is the second child that we had been presented with. The first child was living in San Bernardino. After evaluating his medical needs, we had decided that we were not going to be a good fit. He has a heart condition which requires good temperature control in the home and no stairs. Our house is a converted cabin with no insulation and the front door of the house is 36 steps up from the street. Anyone who can read knows that the housing prices in the Bay Area are crazy, so moving wasn’t an option. We always wonder about James. How would our lives be different if he had joined our family? How would his life have been different? Who is his family now? How is he doing?

So, I’ll be looking around and thinking about him. And I am looking forward to talking to the group!



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