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Links: October 5, 2006

UI Controls and Threading
An Introduction to programming with C# Threads
Programming with C# Threads Presentation
Do I Thread Thee? Let Me Count The Ways...
What Every Dev Must Know About Multithreaded Apps
Processes, threads and synchronization
Threading in C#
On Efficiency, Scalability, and the Wisdom to Know the Difference
Multicore Standards
Quad Core
Asynchronous Tasks
Understand problem before you try to find a solution
To Grid Or Not To Grid?
Clustering in VMWare 1.0
Surf's Up!
Why Processes Scale Better Than Threads
Code Analysis Tools

dotTrace 2.0 beta
Simpler Debugger with DebuggerTypeProxy
Custom service controller for debugging windows services
Deep Troubleshooting Tools for Windows - Kernel Memory Space Analyzer Version 8.1
Debugging Winsock LSPs
Resources for Debugging .NET
Debugging Ngen code
Debug a process which is attached to another Debugger
Debugging 100

Blogging about embedded software development
Mobile Trends and Technologies
Windows Mobile Labs
Windows XP Embedded Virtual Labs
Understanding Memory Sections in config.bib, boot.bib, and OEMAddressTable in Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0
Component Enhancements in Windows XP Embedded SP2 Feature Pack 2007

A Service is Not an Object or Component
Responses to SOA and the Reality of Reuse
More SOA tips from the real world
Patterns and Anti-Patterns for SOA
Microsoft: Real-world SOA
Understanding SaaS Architecture Powerpoint Presentation

Free Computer Books, Tutorials & Lecture Notes
Intro to Cryptography Course
High level white papers on .Net framework 3.0
Patterns and Practices Guidance Explorer
Podcasts I listen to - level 100
Free Books, Journals, & Articles on Computer Science, Engineering, Programming, & Math
Free MS Courses and Workshops

Just Fun
My foray into XNA : Basic Pixel Perfect Collision Detection
Write your own Code Generator or Template Engine in .NET
A Comparison of the Linux and Windows Device Driver Architectures
Key Driver Concepts and Driver Development books


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