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Out and About – Sept 12th, Santa Barbara, CA

September 12th is going to be a very busy day for Digipedians. (See I just made up a new word...like I said I did here and I actually did here.)

John is giving a talk at GridWorld on "Grid Computing in Small and Medium Businesses" at 10am. If you’re in DC then don’t miss this talk. The wholesale adoption of grid computing as a viable solution to performance and scalability issues starts by making grid computing accessible to the majority of business users. That means small and medium size businesses. The solution has to not only be affordable out of the box (the purchase price) but affordable long term (the cost of grid-enabling and maintaining the software), i.e. the total cost of ownership has to be in the thousands of dollars and not the millions. The Digipede Network has hit the target on this and John will talk about how our SMB customers got immediate value from the Digipede Network.

Dan will also be at GridWorld. Although not presenting. If you have any questions about grid computing or cluster computing on Windows, I encourage you to track him down. With the number of CCS presentations he’s been to, the number of grid computing presentations he’s given, and the fact that he has product management responsibilities here...I think he qualifies as an expert on clusters and grids for Windows.

Nathan, our esteemed VP of Customer Services will be covering the MSDN Event - Get Connected with the .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 in Dublin, CA. He’ll be there from about 12pm to 5pm. We’ll have a table setup where you can stop by and talk to Nathan about the Digipede Network. I was supposed to cover this but I’ll be...

Kim, that would be me, is off to Santa Barbara to give a presentation at the Santa Barbara .NET Developer Group. I’ll be talking about concurrent software development, threading, and grid objects.

And for anyone interested in seeing a demo of the Digipede Network and you aren’t able to get to Washington, DC, Dublin, CA, or Santa Barbara, CA...Nathan and I will be hosting a webcast that morning at 10am PST. Busy day for us here. But a good kind of busy.



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