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Recommended ASP.NET webcast

When I’m learning a new technology I need to understand how it’s put together. (Basically understand the structure of the technology and then the base elements of how it works.) This is probably because I started my career working with DOS interrupts and Assembler. So in my quest to understand how ASP.NET works I ran across this great webcast that I think every ASP.NET architect or development lead should watch.

"MSDN Webcast: ASP.NET Under the Covers: Creating High-Availability, Scalable Web Applications (Level 300)"

I particularly liked the information pertaining to how virtual address space gets fragmented by small assemblies that align on 64KB boundaries; this means that there can be a lot of unused memory between the assemblies. With this increased risk of virtual address fragmentation, applications suffer out-of-memory (OOM) errors but the physical memory looks fine. Very interesting.


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