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Wait for it...

I've been building a couple console applications today and when I run them in the debugger the Command Prompt window they run in closes before I can see what happened. As I'm new to the .NET libraries I didn’t know what command to use to 'pause' program execution. I basically want to put a statement in before the program exits that waits for a keystroke.

Either of these commands will work if the user hits the "Enter" key but any other characters the user types in are displayed (echoed) to the Command Prompt window:

Console.Read ();

While this works, I want a solution that would respond to ANY keystroke and not show what the user typed. The following solutions work for .NET 2.0 but not .NET 1.1:

while (Console.KeyAvailable == false);

And my favorite is:


Console.ReadKey(true) does not echo the key the user entered, responds to any key, and doesn't have the iffy forever while loop going on.


At August 07, 2006 2:01 PM, Blogger Phil said...

Sound like a good talk. Will you have a transcript/slides available?


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