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Just say no to splogs!

Every now and then I’ll do a blog search on "Digipede" and "grid computing" to see if anyone is talking about us or talking about grid computing on Windows. I have come to find the Google blog search to be pretty useless. Google doesn’t filter out splogs and there are a lot of folks out there hijacking content, not grabbing all of it, and not leaving a link to the full source. Because Google’s blog search doesn’t filter out these splogs the search results contain an incredible amount of noise and I, the user, have to filter that myself. This sucks.

Today I discovered a blog search engine called Blogdigger which seems to do a good job of returning relevant content. (ie. no noise) IceRocket also does a good job and I use that from time to time too. One nice feature of Blogdigger and IceRocket is that the search results are returned sorted by date. I think that is very handy way to eliminate old noise. Additionally, I tried out Yahoo! search using, “blog: digipede” as my search and I was very pleased with the returned results. This search did pick up some news results but very little noise.

There has been so much talk and study done on how to raise rankings in Google that everyone knows how to increase page rank. This makes it easy for sploggers to come up higher in the search than bloggers. This is too bad because in their quest for free cash, they are skewing the results, annoying people, and probably turning customers away from Google.


At July 05, 2006 7:19 AM, Blogger Greg Gershman said...

Hi, I'm Greg from Blogdigger; glad you liked our service, we've taken special care to try to focus on quality content and making sure spam stays out.

If you have any thoughts/suggestions, just let me know. Thanks again!


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