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Digipede: Have you heard of us yet?

During the SIA show I had several folks ask me, "Where did you guys come from? I never heard of you before." Digipede is a three year old company and our first product was released last year. Creating name recognition and momentum is a struggle for most startups, the only ones that don’t struggle with this are the ones that have high profile employees or founders. (I suspect that PodTech got a huge boost when they announced that Robert Scoble was joining the team.) Someday someone will figure out how to jump start startups but for now we have to do it the old fashion way and that is to keep telling our story to anyone who will listen and to hunt high and low for anyone who will pass our story on for free.

Digipede is starting to get some recognition and it was great that we were the enablers for Microsoft and HP’s demo of the HP ProLiant Servers and Microsoft Windows CCS. Being in the Microsoft/HP demo of their new technology releases is a great validation of the Digipede Network and let’s people know we exist, helps people feel more comfortable with our product and company, and clearly creates a powerful demonstration of what the potential is for Windows high performance computing in the business world.

In addition, the free Digipede Network Developer Edition was announced in last week’s MSDN Flash newsletter. This was a great boost for us and it was wonderful that it came out right after SIA. Dan’s DotNetRocks interview was delayed and actually came out this week too. I’m hoping that this attention will get people talking. Folks are downloading the Developer Edition and I’m hopeful that as people start using it they will also start talking about it. But we still have to keep spreading the word and looking for people to help us do that.

So, repeat after me, “With the Digipede Network...”:

"grid computing is easy"
"I can do grid computing on Windows"
"I can develop grid applications using .NET"
"I’m a rock star!"

Pick your value-add and spread the word.


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