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I’ve been so busy this week that this is the first chance I’ve had to write for the blog. On Tuesday or Wednesday I got a rejection letter from Haas. At first I was a little stunned, "How COULD they reject me!" Then I just started laughing. While I was extremely enthusiastic about the school when I first decided to apply, later interactions with the school’s minions had left me concerned. (I never did get a response from that email I sent.) And I had basically decided that if I got in great, but if I didn’t I would just pursue plan B, C, or D.

One of the funny things about this is the running dialog in my head. Rejected. REJECTED! I keep hearing a male sports commentator’s voice...."Its Greenlee driving for the net...she makes her move, she's past Russell...she's driving for the net...jumpshot....REJECTED!...WHAT a play by Smith....."

Haas is the highest ranking MBA program in the Oakland area that has an MBA program for the working people but after doing a little more research I’ve found that there are some other MBA options available. I’m moving along on my statistics class with calculus to finish up by the end of August. After that I’ll do a little refresher for the GMAT and see if I can’t get the score up. Shouldn’t be a problem. Of course I’ll have to suck up to John and Dan to get them to write me some more letters of recommendation. Dan, I’m not getting your coffee. ;-)


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