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Digipede: New whitepaper available

When you see things go quiet here it’s pretty safe to assume that I’m working on a white paper. I just can’t seem to write for my blog while I’m working on a paper. The paper is now completed and it’s up on the website. The white paper is called "Grid and Cluster Computing: Options for Improving Windows Application Performance"

One of the things I like about Digipede is that there isn’t any internal competition. Or at least it doesn’t feel like it. For example most of the white paper was written by me, but Dan did two review passes, I then submitted it to John who did a pass, and then the final pass was done by Nathan. This makes the paper much better than it would have been had it been only one person. Each of us is focused on different parts of the company, we all have different strengths, and by putting that all together we end up with a document that is significantly stronger and I think move useful.


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