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Washington Mutual...what the???

Today I stopped by the Washington Mutual branch in Montclair and had a little bit of a...surprise isn’t the right word. I found myself pretty confused and wondering if I’d some how fallen into the twilight zone. I popped my card into the ATM, entered my code, and was planning on selecting the Deposit option but...there wasn’t one. I have NEVER seen an ATM not have a deposit option so I thought I was losing it. I checked the screen several times, carefully going through my options...and there definitely was no deposit. I spoke to the woman waiting behind me, told her why I was looking so confused, went over to the other ATM, and tried again. That one had a deposit and the woman confirmed that there was no deposit option on the other ATM. She did observe that the light was off around the envelope feeder and my guess is that either the envelope feeder was having problems or the bin was full, but wow. How about an error message next time? Something that says deposits aren’t available on that machine instead of nothing. That way I don’t have to feel so stupid.


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