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Update on Haas stats waiver exam

I wrote on May 7th about Haas’ statistic waiver exam and wrote that I’d write Haas an email. Well, I wrote and sent an email on May 8th. I haven’t heard anything from them. Which seems strange to me. But...what the hell. I’ll find out on June 1st whether I’ve been accepted and if so, I’ll pursue this further. Unless that happens any further work will only be a waste of time and my time is precious. I do find it strange that a business school doesn’t take care of business. I’m speculating that since the program had over 700 applications last year and can only accept about 240, that this is a situation where the business doesn’t think it has to take care of the prospects. This is a classic business mistake although I don’t think it will be hurting Haas any time soon.


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