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Post office imponderable

Last week, on Thursday, I didn’t get any mail at my home. This happens from time to time but I can usually count on some junk mail in my box. Friday I didn’t get any mail either, so I called my neighbor across the street, (we always call each other when something odd is going on, Your power out? You getting mail? Do you smell smoke?) and asked him if he had been getting his mail. Yep. Being the great neighbor that he is he called me on Saturday when the mail guy flew past my house without stopping. So I went down to the street and waited for the mail carrier to come back up the other side so I could ask what was going on.

The mail carrier informed me that I had called and put a hold on my mail and then proceeded to tell me that I shouldn’t call in holds but that I should fill out a postcard. I informed the carrier that I had not called anything in and that I would like my mail. I’ve been waiting for a package and I’m really not happy that they screwed up. I told Mal about my conversation with the carrier and she informed me that our next door neighbor was out of town and it was likely that it was their mail which was supposed to be held.

So the post office probably wrote down the wrong house number and my neighbor’s box is full and mine is empty. I did call the post office on Saturday; I got the number from the carrier and the name of his manager who told him about the hold. I was supposed to get a call back today...but nothing. I also told the carrier that I want my mail. There better be a delivery today or I am going to be one very angry woman...and they won’t like me when I’m angry.....

Note: I am not threatening the post office but if I don’t have mail today I will be calling and raising a stink. A very stinky stink.


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