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My first blog mugging....no harm no foul

I’ve been seeing a good bit of traffic coming from BlogShares which until recently I had never heard of or at the least I have no memory of every joining. Looking through their site apparently BlogShares is a stock market type deal for blogs. I’m not trading very high! :-)

It’s an interesting idea. This is not the type of game or service that I could image using because if I’m going to play around with anything that is stock market like, it will be the real stock market or a product like Inkling Markets, which can help companies track business trends and needs.

So thanks for the traffic and since I don’t remember ever actually registering, (I can’t login with either my personal or corporate email addresses) I’m not going to put your logo onto my blog. Sorry but I’m feeling a little mugged right now. But good luck BlogShares and happy trading.


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