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Swarm 3

I’m getting into the habit of multitasking whenever possible, so I went down to my office to grab something and turned the heat on. Since it’s in a separate building I see no point in leaving the heat on when I’m not there. I went back up to the house, got the kids to bed, ate some dinner, discussed our Kindergarten options, and then went back down....wow...the termite cloud was thick. I’m glad I’m past the part of being disgusted by them. They were everywhere and it took me about 45 minutes to cool the office down (heat attracts them and the heater is right next to their beach head) and remove the bodies.

Rich had come out Tuesday and foamed the wall. My house and garage are built into a hill and the office is on top of the garage. The back-end of the office is on a concrete slab over dirt. And Rich thinks that under that slap those termites have built a happy little home. If the wall foaming doesn’t get them then the only option is to drill a hole through the concrete and spray. The problem is that there is a high probability that if the integrity of the slap is compromised that I may have water (flooding) problems and the building will be less safe. Rich told me it would take a few days for the poison to work and if there was a swarm within two days not to worry. Which this was but I’m still going to call him so he can make me feel better.


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