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Events: MeshForum May 7-9 San Francisco

I blogged awhile back about Shannon Clark’s MeshForum event. Well, the time is upon us and it’s time to get registered. I think it’s going to be a very interesting gathering; unfortunately I’m going to miss it. Shannon has some really great ideas about networking. All kinds of networking and you’ll have an opportunity to explore some interesting topics.

Excerpted from an invitation:

MeshForum 2006 - May 7-9, San Francisco CA

A reminder - register today to join me and an amazing line up of speakers and participants at MeshForum 2006 in San Francisco CA.

Your registration includes breakfasts, lunches, dinner on Sunday night, and ongoing participation in the MeshForum community and:
- a lunch workshop on Monday with XPlane on Visual Thinking
- a lunch workshop on Sunday with Heather Gold on storytelling
- Tuesday open space opened by Michael Herman with sessions already planned by many of your fellow attendees
- Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, speaking Sunday morning

- Anil Dash, Six Apart, speaking on especially LiveJournal
- Marc Senasac, Broadband Mechanics, Mark Canter's company talking about their Open social networks including for AOL
- Mike Jones, Userplane, providing social media tools in partnership with many large sites, already used by over 1M people for single sign on and communications
- Kris Jacob, Podshow
- Manuel Lima, VisualComplexity.com - Manuel will be the opening keynote at MeshForum
- Dr. David Levinson, University of Minnesota on the Economics of Transportation Networks, Dr. Levinson's PhD work was on the setting of tolls.

- Verna Allee on Value Networks
- Dr. Karen Stephenson on Social Network analysis
- Christopher Allen, Jamais Cascio and Howard Greenstein on how technology is breaking networks
- Jon Lebkowsky and Zack Rosen on large scale political networks
- Scott Draves presenting his project Electric Sheep
- Rachel Beth Egenhoefer presenting her art and works

And much more.

Included in your registration is the Open Space workshops on Tuesday, a full day opportunity for anyone interested in deeper exploration of Networks and how they specifically related to your projects. Many of your fellow attendees have already proposed sessions for Tuesday - register today and join them at the MeshForum Wiki provided by Socialtext to propose your session today!

MeshForum will be recorded with many sessions to be distributed in partnership with IT Conversations. MeshForum is an open, on the record conference, media interested in covering MeshForum please contact me directly for a press pass and credentials.

If your company is interested in joining MeshForum as a sponsor please contact me soon, a limited number of sponsorship opportunities remain available.

See you in San Francisco in May!

Shannon Clark
Founder, MeshForum
"Connecting Networks"


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