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Termite Swarm

I’m trying to finish the first draft of an Excel tutorial. Writing this type of document is hard for me so I wanted to work some place quiet. I decided to work from home and as a result I’ve discovered I have termites. They’re swarming in my office and it’s a little distracting. Not as distracting as the servers at the office. Those are just chronically loud. With the termites I can forget about them for awhile and then one will fly past my face. Close.

Termites have swarmed in the office before and I had someone come out and spray. I thought it was taken care of...guess not. Bummer. I really hate bugs.


At March 23, 2006 5:10 PM, Blogger Dan Ciruli said...

Yeah, but servers won't make your roof fall down!

John discovered something wonderful today: if you close the server room door, it's much quieter in here! Unfortunately, it's probably also much hotter in there...


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