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Grid Computing: Digipede Update Feb 2006

Cool things are happening here at Digipede. Since the last time I did a Digipede update here’s what’s new:

- The Digipede Network was named a finalist for a 2006 CODiE Award in the Distributed Computing Solution category.The awards will be announced on May 16th.

- We added another case study. This time for a company that was trying to scale their application using multithreading. They found that adding multithreading to their application was costly and time consuming, so they turned to Digipede for a solution. You can read the case study here.

- We’ve been working with 4th Story to help them speed up some of their computations. Our relationship was announced yesterday. This is exciting because it is the first commercial product to support grid computing using the Digipede Network. You can read about it here. I liked this quote from 4th Story’s CEO Steve Smith,

"Our software runs on Windows, and we’ve adopted .NET as our development platform; Digipede’s .NET support is far superior to anything else we’ve seen and it has significantly reduced our development time. Without re-architecting our solution, we brought a grid-enabled product to market in a matter of weeks instead of months, allowing us to offer our customers the performance and scalability they need. As our mutual customers’ needs continue to evolve, we look forward to more collaboration with Digipede."
- We just partnered with HP and we are looking forward to more official announcements later this year.

- Digipede got a mention on Greg Nawrocki’s Grid Meter blog on InfoWorld you can read that here.

- And if you missed the Software Development Magazine review, “That Parallel Beat”, you missed the fact that we got a 4 star rating. Most of what kept us from a 5 star rating was already in development. We are pretty excited about that.

It’s been a good start to the year. We just have to keep getting the message out that grid computing isn’t just for huge companies and that grid computing can be easy. With the Digipede Network everyone can get in the game.


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