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Book Review: “A Love Like No Other” edited by Pamela Kruger and Jill Smolowe

I am an adoptive parent of two awesome boys. I thought A LOT about adoption and race issues before my children joined my family. And I have thought about both of those issues every day since. Whether you are an adoptive parent or thinking about adoption “A Love Like No Other” is a must read. This book is a collection of stories from families who have adopted and it seems that many of the various flavors of adoption are represented. These stories document the complexity of adoption. Not just the joyfulness of having a family but also the facts about how complicated our families and children are. Raising adopted children is not easy. Every time one of the kids has an “issue” we run through the question loop, is it an: adoption issue, racial issue, developmental issue, sleep issue, food issue, etc... My kids’ have a couple extra layers to them. It was very therapeutic to read about families that use the same loop. To read about families like mine. Our children have hurdles but they also have our love. And I have never known a greater joy than my kids. So if you are thinking about adoption read this book, you will get a better feeling about what you’re getting into. If you have already adopted, then read this book, you will feel less alone.

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