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Software: How Do I Find a Post’s Address on Blogger?

I’ve wanted to add reference links to previous posts but I had been unable to figure out how the file names were created. Well lucky for me today I accidentally found one way to get the entire list.

  1. Go to www.blogger.com and open up the blog you want to edit.
  2. Select the page tag, ‘Posting’.
  3. Select the sub tag, “Status”.
  4. Push the button, “Republish Entire Blog”
  5. When the text comes up that says, “Your blog published successfully. (Details...)”, select “Details...”

You should now see a complete list of all the html files in your directory. You can use these addresses to refer to old posts in your new posts.

Happy Linking!


At December 14, 2005 1:38 PM, Blogger Kim Greenlee said...

Dan laughed at me about this post. HEY! A little respect here! Anyway, he did point out that you can also find the html file name by selecting the timestamp on the post of interest. This is nice to know because now I can get the complete path information for other blogs’ posts, which is something else I’ve wanted to do for a while!


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