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Community: Who Better to Blog?

Today I saw the article “Senior Citizen Bloggers Defy Stereotypes” and I thought it was interesting. But then I started reading some of the blog links and I started thinking. Who better to blog? It’s not surprising that our older generations are computer savvy. They’ve lived through a tremendous amount of change already. The computer, being the great tool that it is, is no great stretch. Its not like they’re being asked to pilot a jet plane and I’m pretty sure that some of them could pull that off. When my grandfather was losing his eyesight to macular degeneration it was his computer that he turned to to keep his world alive. He played games and surfed the Internet. I’m sure that if blogging had been available then he would have blogged.

My family is different from most people I know because my family is mostly old people. I say you’re old if you’re older then my Mom. There weren’t many cousins for me to play with. For whatever reason most of my childhood was spent with adults. And I’m talking adults my grandparents’ age. What I learned from them is that they’re people just like me whose bodies are a bit more worn, they’ve got a whole lot more experience then I do, they have very interesting ideas, stories, and insights, they can be fun and they can be jerks. When we act surprised that the generations over 40 are blogging we forget that they know far more about technology change then us younger folk do.

My favorite blog sites are the ones where I learn something. Whether it’s information to help me in my life or just something that makes me think. What better place to stretch then the blogs whose writers write from experience.


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