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Last Night’s East Bay IT Group (eBig) Event

Last night I want to a presentation by Scott Stanfield on Ajax and Atlas. The event was organized by eBig which is an organization I absolutely love. If you live in the San Francisco East Bay and you’re a software person you should attend some of their sessions. It was really fun to sit in a class with a bunch of other like minded software professionals and learn about a new technology. Ajax is fascinating and I can certainly see why people are getting excited about it. Atlas looks like it’s going to end up being Ajax’s big brother. Here are some of the links I picked up from the session:

Ajax site: http://www.ajax.net/
Atlas site: http://atlas.asp.net/

I also learned about an HTTP debugging proxy called Fiddler. This looks very useful and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

After I get through the pile of demos already on my build list, I’m going to take a crack at building something using these technologies. If anyone can think of something that would be fun to do with Ajax or Atlas and that would benefit from being grid-enabled please post a comment. Thanks!



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