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John H. Johnson On Ebony Cover!

I went to Safeway today to get snacks and saw the October edition of Ebony. John Johnson is on the cover. For those of you who don’t know who he is; he is the founder of both Ebony and Jet magazines. I read his autobiography about a year ago and I was extremely impressed. The story of his struggles to succeed in a ‘world’ that didn’t want him is powerful, insightful and inspiring. I was so impressed with his autobiography that I tried to buy it. Because it was out of print I had to go through a secondary book seller who dropped the ball, so I didn’t get a copy. Today I went to Amazon and the sales price on the book (in some cases) is over $100. Wow! I did notice that the October Ebony had a small ad on page 74U that I can use to order the book. Awesome. If any Ebony folks read this...shame on you for putting the ad on a page that has stuff about Mr. Johnson on the other side! I certainly won’t be cutting out the coupon but I will be ordering the book. Thanks for making that available.


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