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First Day on the Blogosphere!

My first blog post ever! I've been reading other folk's blogs for a while now and I have decided that it's time for me to create my own. So a little about myself. I'm a recovering software engineer. I am also a recovering Catholic. It doesn't seem like there is much difference between the two. I started developing software in the late 80s and just recently moved in to technical marketing to take a break. Writing sample code is so much less stressful then writing server code!

I am now a product evangelist at Digipede Technologies. Since I am a startup junky it’s a relief to be back with a company that requires and appreciates people with my breadth of experience. So I will be writing about events and information relevant to Grid-computing and Digipede.

I am also a hockey freak - I don’t follow the NHL but I do play and coach, so there will likely be musings about teamwork and such. I have two great kids and we are a family that exists because of adoption and I will likely have things to say about that as well.

So...let the blogging begin!


At September 14, 2005 4:07 PM, Blogger Dan Ciruli said...

I see you! Welcome to the blogosphere. We're having a great time at PDC; this is a very useful conference, and we wish you were here. We'll have lots to talk about when we get home. See you Friday!

At December 01, 2005 7:53 PM, Anonymous Wong Online PoKer Hu said...

Congratulations and welcome to the blogging world. It's nice to know a little bit about yourself and we look forward to your musings here.


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