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Company Leadership: Reflecting on Worldviews...

A few years ago my partner parked her car at the Fruitvale Bart station; I forget where we were going. When we got back we found that someone had broken into the car. They had ransacked the interior and it looked like they had been heading into the trunk area through the backseat. Fortunately they didn’t get into the trunk. There were martial arts weapons back there, not extremely valuable but very pointy. What struck me as so incredibly funny about the situation was:

1. They stole some cheap sunglasses and lost a cell phone battery. So basically they lost money on the deal.

2. They never looked in the ashtray which was full of money.

My guess was the theft was a crime of opportunity. But what is so interesting to me is that the thieves were looking for money and it was right under their noses. I can only assume that in their worldview - ashtrays only hold garbage. But for many people ashtrays hold loose change for meters and tolls.

We all have a framework of rules that we have built up over time through our experiences with the world. We use those rules to help us navigate, stay safe, and get what we want. Because the thieves’ framework did not include the notion that anything valuable could be in the ashtray...they missed out on an opportunity and they failed to meet their objectives.

I can’t help but wonder how many missed opportunities I have everyday because of my framework. And when I see people who want to hate others instead of help them, I can’t help but wonder what experiences force them to passionately pursue their hate. Something happened or they were taught something. It certainly isn’t about Christian values which is what they say it is about. It’s something else. I just wish I knew what.


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